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Poop Scooping FAQ

Have questions about our Dog Poop Cleaning Service? We’ve got answers!

  • What happens after I sign up?
    You’ll receive an email from a team member within one business day to answer any questions, go over the specifics of the service, and schedule your cleanup.
  • What is Bye Bye Poop!’s billing process?
    We offer an easy automated invoice process and different payment options to meet our client needs, including an option to safely store credit card information for easy payments. The billing cycle for new clients will start the day of the initial cleanup.
  • Does someone have to be home for the service?
    No, we do not require anyone to be home while our technician cleans your yard. We can perform the service as long as we can access your yard.
  • Does my dog(s) need to be out of the yard to receive service?
    No, as long as your dog(s) is friendly with strangers and will allow us to clean the yard. However, if your dog(s) is territorial or unfriendly, we will require you to keep your dog(s) indoors until the service has been completed.
  • What happens if there is inclement weather on my service day?
    We monitor the weather closely. Our techs will work during the rain, but severe rainfall and thunderstorms may prevent us from scooping. You will be notified by email if there are any changes in schedules or cancellations due to the inclement weather. No refunds are issued due to inclement weather. Our technician will have double the pet waste to scoop at the next scheduled visit.
  • How is my service day availability determined?
    Our routing system determines the best day of service based on your address. In regards to any national holidays, you will still receive service that week, but on a different day. We will notify you in advance to which day you will receive service.
  • Does my lawn need to be regularly mowed?
    We do request that all lawns be kept short and free of any leaves or debris. If our technician cannot find the pet waste, we can not guarantee it will be removed.
  • What if I need to skip a service day?
    If you need to skip a service day, please contact us within 72 hours before your service date. We will scoop your yard on the next scheduled visit. If you are requiring a pause longer than one week of service, there may be an additional clean-up fee for the additional pet waste.
  • Does the size of my dog(s) or yard affect the cost?
    From the largest dogs to the smallest dogs, we scoop it all. After the first visit, if applicable, Bye Bye Poop! will notify you if you have an exceeding yard size from the initial quote. The cost of poop scooping services is based on the number of dogs, generalized yard size, the last time the yard was scooped, and the frequency of our visits.
  • Are Bye Bye Poop! workers trained and insured?
    Bye Bye Poop! conducts background checks on all employees. All technicians are trained and insured to perform and care for your pet waste needs. We always send our technicians out in identifiable trucks and professional branded clothing for your recognition and comfort.
  • Does Bye Bye Poop! require a long-term contract?
    Bye Bye Poop! does not require any service contracts and you may stop and continue service as your needs arise. If you suspend service, please note that if your pet is continuing to use the yard, there may be an additional charge on your next visit due to the additional accumulation of waste. Please notify us 72 hours before suspending service.
  • Does Bye Bye Poop! provide pet waste removal services to Commercial Properties?
    We sure do! We offer pet waste removal services to all types of commercial properties including apartments, condominiums, small and large parks, dog parks, Home Owner Associations (HOAs), and businesses. Contact us and our team will be in touch with you to arrange a time to visit your property to allow us to design a customized solution and quote for services.
  • What about other animal poop? Goose, raccoon, deer, horses?
    We can clean up goose, raccoon, deer and other small forest creature poop if it is found on the maintained property grounds, just not in overgrown pastures or fields? We do not scoop horse manure at this time - as we do not have the proper tools.
Bye Bye Poop dog poop scooping dog waving bye to dog poop

Say “Bye Bye Poop!” and enjoy a dog poop-free yard.

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