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Grey dog poop scoopers in Calera AL

Calera Pet Waste Removal Services

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Grey dog poop scoopers in Calera AL

Enjoy a sanitary, healthy yard - you and your dog deserve it!

Hi we're Bye Bye Poop!, a premier pet waste removal service in Calera, AL. Our mission is simple: to ensure your yard remains clean and poop-free, allowing you to fully enjoy it.

Select from our range of service options tailored to your needs, whether it's weekly, bi-weekly, or one-time dog poop scooping services. Bye Bye Poop! guarantees comprehensive coverage with our fully automated professional poop scooper services.

We know that cleaning up after your pet is not the most pleasant task. That's why we offer our convenient and hassle-free pet waste removal services. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the dirty work while you enjoy your yard to the fullest!

Residential Poop Scooping in Calera

The perfect solution for Calera, AL homeowners who want to spend more time enjoying their yard and less time worrying about gross, smelly dog poop. Or for those who simply lack the time or physical ability to keep up with it.

Commercial Poop Scooping in Calera

Great for HOAs, apartment complexes, mixed-use developments, and other communities with shared spaces. Our poop scooping services will help keep your community clean, safe, and enjoyable.

Calera Pooper Scooper Service Pricing

Our pooper scooper service pricing is based on a couple of factors, such as property size, the number of dogs, and the required cleanup frequency. Obtaining a custom quote is effortless – check out our starting prices or click "Get Quote Now" for a personalized estimate.

Bi-Weekly Pet Waste Removal



Text Updates

Certified & Uniformed Tech

Automated Billing & Booking

Photo of Cleaned Yard

One-Time Pet Waste Removal



Text Updates

Certified & Uniformed Tech

Automated Billing & Booking

Photo of Cleaned Yard


Weekly Pet Waste Removal



Text Updates

Certified & Uniformed Tech

Automated Billing & Booking

Photo of Cleaned Yard

How to get Poop Scooping in Calera


Sign up and schedule service


Enjoy your dog poop-free yard!


We scoop the dog poop on your property

dog waving paw poop scoopers in Calera AL

Why Choose Bye Bye Poop! for Dog Poop Removal

Easy Scheduling

Start and stop service easily with a simple online sign up.

Poop-Free Guarantee

Enjoy a poop-free yard. If you’re not happy, we’ll make it right.

Certified Poop Scoopers

Licensed, insured, uniformed, and trained poop scooping techs.

Professional Management

Billing, scheduling, and text updates are all automated.

Local Family Owned Business

We’ve been serving the Calera community for over 10 years.

We offer dog poop cleaning service in Calera, AL, and surrounding neighborhoods including:







Indian Springs


Lake Purdy



Mountain Brook



Vestavia/Cahaba Heights

Bye Bye Poop dog mascot

Say “Bye Bye Poop!” and enjoy a dog poop-free yard.

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