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Dog Poop Scoopers - The Best Poop Picker Upper Tools

We love our dogs - anyone who doubts our admiration for our precious pooches needs only to see us picking up their poop on a sweltering summer day to know of our dedication. Although disposing of dog poop piles is not the most glamorous part of owning a pet, it is something that every dog owner will have to deal with at some point.

Fortunately, dozens of tools have been invented to make the job of picking up dog turds much less dreadful for dog owners. Let’s explore some game-changing dog poop picker uppers!

The Top 4 Dog Poop Scoopers

1. Spoily Pets Dog Poop Scooper With Bag Attachment

Spoily Pets Dog Pooper Scooper With Bag Attachment

One of the nastiest parts of picking up dog droppings is having to bend down and smell the foul scent of dog poop as the aroma wafts towards you. Well, dog owners can kiss that task goodbye with the Dog Pooper Scooper from Spoily Pets.

This handy tool is perhaps the best dog poop picker upper on the market, as bags can be fitted over the waste compartment before raking your dog’s droppings in to be disposed of. That’s it! Keeping your yard free of dog waste is simple with this product.

2. DOGOPAL 360 Poop Scooper

DOGOPAL 360 Pooper Scooper

In need of a dog poop picker upper to take on the go? Well, the DOGOPAL 360 Pooper Scooper may be the perfect tool for you! Indeed, this portable device includes poop bag dispensers and the technology to pick up dog droppings for you at the push of a button.

Simply bring this item with you wherever you go, and the need to get your hands anywhere close to icky dog droppers will be a thing of the past.

3. IPETBA Kid-Friendly Dog Pooper Scooper

IPETBA Kid-Friendly Dog Pooper Scooper

Is yard cleanup a chore for the kids? If so, then make their job a breeze with the Kid-friendly Dog Pooper Scooper from IPETBA! This handy tool allows can be fitted with one of the many dog poop bags that are stored within. Then, picking up dog turds is as easy as pressing a lever!

This is the perfect product for your kiddos to bring with them on family walks with the dog, so consider getting one for your household today!

4. IPETBA 32” Dog Pooper Scooper

IPETBA 32” Dog Pooper Scooper

Those in need of a durable dog pooper scooper for their yards will be thrilled with the IPETBA 32-inch Dog Pooper Scooper. Not only does it have a rugged design, but it features a lever-activated mechanism, poop bag holder, and even a flashlight! Yes, this product is sure to make quick work of dog poop piles in yards.

Say “Bye Bye” To Dog Poop

Birmingham poop scooper

Let’s face it: although a dog poop picker upper may make the task of cleaning up after our best friends easier, no product in the world is going to make it an enjoyable experience. Indeed, most of us just dread the thought of having to rid our yards of poop from our precious pets. Well, what if I told you that you never have to pick up dog poop again?

You read that right - for those who live in Birmingham, Alabama, there is a better way to keep your yard looking spotless! That’s right, Birmingham Poop Scooper Service is here to put an end to your poop cleanup woes. We offer competitive pricing, regular cleanup, and unbeatable communication. So, make dog poop pickup a thing of the past and get in touch today!


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