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5 Dog Friendly Places You Can Take Your Pup to in Birmingham, AL

dog friendly places in Birmingham

Are you a #mydoggoeswhereIgo believer? If so, the best types of dog places in Birmingham depend on several factors, including their personality, energy level, and socialization skills. If you’re looking for a fun spot to get outside and have some fun with your pup, there are some incredible places to visit in the community.

Can You Legally Take Your Dog into Any Public Place?

It is not possible to legally take a dog into any public place. Although service animals like those that assist people with disabilities are generally allowed, there are restrictions on where other dogs can go.

Generally, non-service dogs are not allowed in places where food is prepared or served, such as restaurants or grocery stores. They are also prohibited from other public areas, such as museums, art galleries, and some public parks.

It is important to check with the establishment beforehand to see if dogs are allowed, and if so, under what conditions. Specific leash laws or restrictions in Birmingham might apply.

When visiting dog friendly places in Birmingham It is always important to be a responsible pet owner, ensuring your dog is under control and behaves when in an allowed public setting.

5 Dog Friendly Places in Birmingham, Alabama

Whether you live in Birmingham and are looking for things to do or are planning a visit soon, having fun activities to do where #dogsarewelcome is essential.

Here are some of the best #dogfriendlyplaces where your pup is welcome in the community.

1. Avondale Brewing Company

You and your pup are welcome when visiting this venue. It’s a spot where you can find live music, incredible beer selections, and lots of fun. The Sour Room is a full bar located on the campus that features classic beverages, specialty items, and many favorites.

A complete calendar of events is available online to review, including concerts held on a massive outdoor stage. It’s easily one of the best dog-friendly places out there!

2. Bruster's Real Ice Cream

This fun destination welcomes well-behaved dogs when you choose their outdoor seating area. It helps to call in advance to ensure availability before arriving. The business started in 1989 when the founder, Bruce Reed, wanted to share his passion for homemade ice cream with the rest of the community.

The products are made the old-fashioned way, with dozens of handcrafted recipes available for enjoyment on a rotating menu. Artisan desserts, handmade waffle cones, and customizable sundaes are also available.

3. Cahaba Brewing Company

When you want to grab a cold draft beer with your dog by your side, this pet-friendly destination in Birmingham is a tempting stop. Everyone can enjoy some sunshine on a beautiful day while enjoying the lineup of craft brews.

Even though the atmosphere is low-key, they have graduated from their microbrewery status. With nearly 30 taps, the Taproom has all the staples you enjoy while you can enjoy some exclusive releases.

4. Rojo Birmingham

This Latin American restaurant offers a sidewalk dining area that welcomes well-behaved dogs. Once you’ve had some time to enjoy the spicy nachos or a tasty sandwich, you can explore the Highland Park area with a long walk.

It’s a dog-friendly place for lunch, dinner, or drinks while enjoying views of Rushton Park. You’ll find it is an excellent restaurant with a cool atmosphere, even if parking can be challenging at times.

5. Salem’s Diner

If you love a good Philly cheesesteak, then you’ll appreciate the menu at this casual and comfortable diner. The menu is full of unfussy American fare. When you prefer visiting with your dog for breakfast, you’ll find their omelets are almost equal to their sandwiches.

Some people love a hearty breakfast in the morning to start their day. The biscuits and gravy are also outstanding.

Types of Places Where Dogs Are Not Allowed

In most cases, dogs are only allowed inside restaurants, cafes, or other food service establishments if they are service dogs. Some exceptions apply when a back porch or an outdoor dining area is available, but you'll need to check with the business before bringing along even the best boys and girls.

Non-service dogs are generally not allowed inside grocery stores or other food markets. Hospitals and other medical facilities often have restrictions, as do schools and universities throughout Birmingham.

Dogs are typically not allowed inside government buildings or courthouses.

You can take them to some of the best dog parks in Birmingham as an alternative.

Since the rules about where dogs can be are subject to change or could be superseded by internal policies or procedures, it is a good idea to check what is possible before bringing your dog into a public space. Always remember that you're responsible for your pet waste removal!

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