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  • Bye Bye Poop!

Simply Timeless Holiday Classics of a Birmingham Dog Poop Scooper

"Simply Timeless Holiday Classics of Birmingham Dog Poop Scooper" Imagine the enchanting jingles serenading the streets as folks gather 'round, harmonizing to tunes that celebrate the noble art of pet waste removal. From "Jingle Bells, Dog Poop Smells" to the coming of age journey of "Bye Bye Poop, the Poop Scooper" these songs encapsulate the spirit of merriment while championing the unsung heroes wielding scoops in hand. A symphony of joy and, dare I say, odorous triumph!

Dog poop scooper songs

Bye Bye Poop, the Poop Scooper

Bye Bye Poop, the poop-scooper, keeping your yards pristine,

Scooping up dog poopsies, making your lawns so clean.

Every pet owner knew them, for their work was top-notch,

A Bham pet waste removal - service you can count on.

All I Want for Christmas… is a Scoop

I won't ask for much this Christmas

I won't even wish for snow

I just wanna poop-free yard

More than you could ever know

Make my wish come true

Bye Bye Poop for Christmas, please scoop!

Jingle Bells, Dog Poop Smells

Jingle bells, dog poop smells

Bye Bye Poop can help

We scoop your yard, nice and clean

And throw the poop away!

Jingle bells, dog poop smells

Birmingham we save

Your lawn and shoes with a poop scoop

Bye Bye Poop’s the way!


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