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6 Reasons Behind the Significance of Cleaning Up Dog Poop

Stepping into your yard should be a fresh way greet the day. However, when it's littered with dog poop, it can be a tad bit tough to stay optimistic. As a pet owner and a lover of animals, it's your responsibility to keep your dog's waste from spreading.

Choosing to simply ignore the mess and never clean it up is the wrong thing to do. Luckily, there are dog poop removal services that you can consider and hire for your property. If you need extra reasons for how important cleaning up dog poop is, keep reading to know why.

1) Dog Poop is Acidic

Dog poop is simply not something you want to keep outdoors and leave to fester. One of the main reasons you don't want to leave dog poop around is because it's acidic. Dog poop has a very strong odor. Aside from that, the chemicals in the dog poop can affect the environment by releasing carbon dioxide into the air. This is harmful to plants and can kill them.

2) Dog Poop Is a Mess to Step In - It’s THE WORST!

The dog poop in the yard can get all over the place, and people can step on it. And aside from having it stick to the shoes, it can get all over your home's flooring and interior if you aren't careful. Worst case scenario, you walk around your property's garden with bare feet on the grass and end up stepping in a pile of dog poop.

3) Dog Poop Can Affect Water

If left unattended and unmonitored, dog poop can affect the water quality in the nearby water source. This can be particularly true if you have a pool or pond on your property. It's even more of a disaster if your pup's poop ends up ruining your supply of drinking water.

4) Dog Poop Can Be An Eyesore

You may have the best dog in the whole world and love it to bits, but the truth is, dog poop is an eyesore. Aside from the likelihood of stepping on a pile of dog poop, you may also have to deal with the sight of it littering your lawn. It's much easier to just deal with the nuisance by hiring dog poop removal services.

5) Dog Poop Cleanup Gives Insight

One of the things that dog poop removal can teach a pet parent is their pup's health. It can tell you if there's anything wrong with their health by how much, how often, and what color their poop is. For example, an unhealthy pup will usually have an unusually high amount of dog poop. This can result in a problem that needs to be dealt with immediately.

6) Cleaning Dog Poop Gives a Good Image

Lastly, if you want to obtain a good image of your pet and property it's important to clean up after it. If its waste is visible, others may think that your dog isn't well-kept or that it's not trained well. So by engaging the services of a professional, you can get rid of the problem and keep your pup's image pristine.


It's not exactly a walk in the park or a bed of roses to clean up after dog poop. However, it's a responsible thing to arrange their removal, and it's something that you should do for the sake of your property and loved ones.

In need of dog poo removal? Bye Bye Poop! is a fully automated professional pet waste removal service in Birmingham, AL. Get in touch with us today!


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