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Help! My Dog Poops in Multiple Spots. What Should I Do?

Did you know there's a number of reasons why your dog may be pooping in multiple places? Pooping is only natural, but when your dog is pooping all over your yard, it can be tough for you to keep track of it. Read more below to find out why dogs poop in multiple locations and what you can do about it.

Why Do Dogs Poop in Multiple Spots

Veterinarians often say that domesticated dogs poop in different locations because they want to bury the poop. And they do this in order to present scent markers that dogs use to communicate with each other.

Dogs are territorial animals, and using a scent marker helps them claim a specific area as theirs. This way, dogs use poop as a way to communicate with other dogs as well as establish territory.

How Many Times is it Normal for Dogs to Poop

The number of times a dog poops every day depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Age

  • Breed

  • Meal types and frequency

  • Overall health and diet

  • Exercise routine

It is normal for younger dogs to poop a few times a day since their digestion system is still developing. However, as they get older and their systems mature, they are able to digest food more efficiently and, thus, poop less often.

How to Solve Dog Pooping in Multiple Locations

When dog's poop in multiple spots, it can cause a big mess, health hazards, and even prompt the other dogs to poop in multiple spots as well. To stop this, find out what is causing the behavior of dog pooping in multiple locations.

Is it excessive energy? Extreme energy levels can quickly lead to multiple pooping. When dogs have too much energy, they tend to pee and poop in different locations.

It's important to be mindful of your dog's energy level because having too much energy can give them excitement, happiness, and stress.

Excessive energy can also be caused by their diet, level of exercise, and living environment. Talk to your vet to know more about adjusting your dog's diet and making them more comfortable in their home.

There's no one specific way to stop pooping in multiple locations. And this is because your dog's behavior is likely related to other factors and not just one.

Furthermore, dogs tend to be happier when they have an area that's just theirs. You can try giving them a smaller area in your house so they can be with their pack. The area might be a dog bed, doggy toys, or even a small corner of the house.

Give them some time to adjust, and you'll soon be able to create a routine for them to follow.

Working with your vet can be of great help as they'll be able to tell you the health of your dog. The vet might suggest some dietary changes, a change in the living environment, or even a new routine when it comes to providing your dog exercise.

Final Thoughts

Dog's pooping in multiple locations can be an arduous task to solve. But with the right tools, patience, and time, you can work things out with your dog and make them feel more secure in their environment.

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